The Clear Advantage of Aquapel Glass Treatment

In DeDona Auto Glass by DeDona Tint & Sound

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Visibility while driving is the single most important safety factor on the road. In low light or poor weather, if you can’t see the road ahead or other vehicles and pedestrians, your chances of having an accident increase dramatically. Products like Rain-X, designed to bead and repel water on the windshield and other glass, have been around for a while now but don’t last very long once applied. Aquapel Glass Treatment aims to change all that with technology originally developed for the aviation industry, and they succeeded.

How long does Aquapel Glass Treatment last?
Unlike other rain repelling products on the market right now, Aquapel will last for months under normal driving conditions, on average about 6 times longer than competing products.

What’s the difference between Aquapel and other glass treatment products?
While most glass treatments on the market are silicon wax-based, Aquapel is a fluoropolymer that forms a chemical bond with the glass when applied. Once Aquapel has adhered to the glass, it increases the contact angle of water, causing it to bead and shed off the glass with ease.

If you are concerned with taking your vehicle through a carwash, or using gas station squeegees with the infamous blue glass cleaner, Aquapel will still last through it all. Even if you use an ammonia-based cleaner, which are notoriously harsh, Aquapel won’t budge.

DeDona Auto Glass is proud to add Aquapel Glass Cleaner to our inventory. We’ve seen it in action, and we’ve seen how it lasts against the competition – the results are clearly in favor of Aquapel. Now, glass treatment is no substitute for windshield wipers and we would never suggest such a thing, but your visibility on the road in any light or weather conditions will be dramatically improved with this product.

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