The Benefits of GPS Tracking

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Any business which operates company-owned vehicles can appreciate the value of being able to keep track of where their vehicles are at, where they have traveled to, and for how long they stayed. If you are an owner of such a business, a GPS tracking system could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Likewise, if you aren’t a business owner but are concerned about the safety of your own personal vehicle, GPS tracking gives you the peace of mind that no other service or tool can offer.

Now with CompuTrack GPS, your personal or business vehicles have never been safer or more easily accessible. CompuTrack offers you full control of your vehicle via a web browser and cellular phone. If your vehicle is stolen, you will be immediately notified via cell phone and e-mail with the theft message and the vehicle’s location. The LiveTrack feature gives you the ability to follow your vehicle’s every move, speed and location. In addition, you can disable the starter so the engine cannot be restarted. For a one time fee, you get unlimited message GPS tracking, which allows you to receive or send an unlimited amount of messages and updates to your vehicle(s) for 1, 3, or 5 years of coverage.

When you pair up the CompuTrack GPS Tracking system with a CompuStar remote start system, you can start your vehicle from absolutely anywhere you have internet or cell phone service!

The user interface for the CompuTrack GPS system is easily accessed and configured through your computer. Settings are managed through your personal web interface, and you can set curfews and perimeters for your vehicle(s). If these perimeters or curfew settings are violated, CompuTrack will send you an e-mail or text message alerting you of the activity. If you have a cellular phone with text message capability you can access your system. There’s no need for enhanced data connectivity.

For business owners with a fleet of vehicles to manage, never before has it been easier to keep track of where your operators are taking your vehicles. You can view live tracking information on each vehicle, which provides real-time information regarding the vehicle’s current speed, location, and other status updates. Did one of your employee’s forget to lock a vehicle, or is locked out of a vehicle? No problem, CompuTrack allows you to lock or unlock any of your vehicles from wherever you have internet or cell phone service. In fact, you can even view a full history of the operations of each vehicle, including when the vehicle was started, how long it ran and where it traveled to, how long it has remained at its location, and much more.

Here at DeDona Tint and Sound, we offer the CompuTrack GPS tracking system with pride. Both private consumer and business customers alike have been trusting us with their Navigation and GPS Tracking installations for years, and now these services are more versatile, inexpensive and valuable than ever before. Contact us today for more information about our CompuTrack GPS Tracking systems!

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