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We all know money can be a little tight these days, but there a few simple luxuries you can add to your vehicle that not only make sense to your wallet, but make life just a little easier. One such feature – Remote Start, previously only available on the exclusive luxury brand vehicles, is now available to be installed on a wide variety of cars, trucks, and utility vehicles.

You may ask, “How could I justify the cost of installing a feature like this?” Just like most other features of vehicles these days, added convenience is of great importance, and the cost may be lower than you think. It doesn’t take too many freezing mornings with a vehicle covered in ice to realize exactly how beneficial a Remote Start system can be, both for saving yourself some time, and for your own comfort and convenience. You’ll remain snug as a bug inside your home while your vehicle warms up outside, and when you’re ready to leave, you’ll find your vehicle preheated and comfortable instead of shivering on a cold seat while you wait for some sign of heat from the vents.

The first aspect of Remote Start to keep in mind is that it works on engines with both Automatic and Manual transmissions. This is a huge benefit!
The benefits don’t stop with a warm car to get into on a cold day, but also may give your vehicle’s engine some time to warm up before you head out on the road. This has some substantial benefits for the health of your engine. Different remote start systems may vary in the range from which you may start your vehicle, so be sure to get a unit that can accommodate your needs. You may choose to install a Remote Start unit yourself, however it is recommended you leave this to qualified professionals who are certified to perform this kind of work. Experts at DeDona can professionally install your Remote Start system, and can also take the time to discuss which extra options can be useful to you and which may be excessive or unneeded depending on your situation.

Here at DeDona, Remote Start Systems are one of our many specialties. Stop in at our local office or give us a call if you would like to experience the convenience of Remote Start for yourself!
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  1. Hello..
    I bought a Ultra Start 1280 G11 XR-Pro Remote Start Keyless Entry and wanted to see you guys do install on products not bought from your store.
    Also what it would cost.
    I have a Honda Accord 1999 LX with keyless entry and trunk release..

  2. Hi, unfortunately we do not install products that we don’t carry in our product line because there are several issues to consider.
    First, we cannot provide a warranty on products we don’t sell, especially auto security products. We can’t get any technical support from the manufacturer because we are not a dealer for Ultra Start. Also, we cannot handle any programming issues if they should arise, because of the lack of technical support.
    Another reason is that if there are any wiring issues with the vehicle that came up as a result of installation, we would have to charge you because it will not be under warranty.
    We highly recommend purchasing a security system directly through us. Our products are the highest quality in the industry, have solid manufacturer warranties and we guarantee our installation services 100%.
    If you can return that Ultra Start I would definitely do so, because it is a lower-line product and nowhere near as good as the products we offer.

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