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Product Spotlight: Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film

In Vehicle Wraps and Graphics by DeDona Tint & Sound

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Keeping your car’s exterior in tip-top shape can seem like a difficult task. With this in mind, many drivers invest in enhancements that improve the appearance of their car’s exterior. However, how often is an aesthetic upgrade that looks flashy and sleek also a protective solution? Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film sets itself apart from the rest, enhancing not only the appearance of your car but also the level of protection. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to both protection and appearance. There are many reasons why Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film is the clear choice when it comes to protecting and transforming your car’s exterior.

Why Choose Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film?

There’s nothing worse than getting a fresh paint job, only to have it ruined shortly after from rocks, gravel, or other objects you might encounter on the road. Stek Fashion PPF is the only line of colored films that enhances your vehicle’s overall appearance while also adding protection from daily wear and tear. Whether you want to create a stylish matte finish, glossy black exterior, or a unique patterned look that isn’t easily replicated by other applications, Stek PPF offers a product to meet your vision.

Stek PPF Products


Do you dream of driving a sleek, black vehicle, but buying a new car isn’t an option? Stek DYNOblack PPF can transform any color car into a rich, black finish. From a high-gloss shine to a matte black finish, no matter the look you want to achieve, DYNOblack PPF effectively gets the job done. Infused with Stek’s hydrophobe technology, it has the ability to repel water and heal itself from scratches and damage. Additionally, it protects against rock chips and minor damages experienced on the roads.

Stek PPF DYNOblack


For a sleek look with a twist, Stek DYNOcarbon adds a carbon-fiber layer to vehicles’ exteriors. The woven carbon-fiber film can match any vehicle color to maintain a cohesive appearance. Like the DYNOblack, it is a self-healing, hydrophobic film that protects your car’s exterior from the elements on the roads.

Stek PPF DYNOcarbon


For a look that can’t be matched, DYNOdamascus is the ideal choice. Creating a unique, show-stopping appearance, this PPF adds a textured, patterned appearance to the exterior of your car. In addition to its unprecedented visuals, it also protects your car from everyday driving hazards. Elevate your car’s exterior like no other with DYNOdamascus.

Stek PPF DYNOdamascus


Stek DYNOshades can be applied directly to the headlights and taillights of your car. As a light protection film, they can protect your car lights from rocks, insects, and other minor threats on the road. Not to mention, they offer 3 different shades to choose from: DYNOshade, DYNOsmoke, and DYNOyellow. No matter the shade you choose, the level of protection doesn’t change. Protect and enhance the look of your vehicle’s headlights and taillights with DYNOshades.

Stek PPF DYNOshades

DeDona Tint & Sound is a proud dealer of Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film. Whether you want to transform the color of your car to a deep, black finish, create a bold statement with DYNOdamascus, or add to your car’s lights, Stek Fashion PPF has a solution for you. The design options are limitless for you to transform your vehicle into the car of your dreams while also boosting the level of protection.

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