June 2010 Contest: Win $100 Discount on Window Tinting!

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Rules for entry:
1.  Post a comment to this thread (email address and full name required).
2.  Enter your vehicle’s year, make and model.
3.  Brief description of why you want your windows tinted (1-2 sentences).
That’s it!
At the end of the month we will pick a random winner who will receive $100 discount on our window tinting services!*
Good luck!
*We pick winners randomly and do not make our selection based upon the input provided in section #3*

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  1. We still have a baby due in July and would love to titn the windows so that we don’t have to have Pooh shades on all the windows.

  2. I will be deploying overseas next month and think this would be a great gift for my wife to have the vehicle tinted. This summer will be very hot and anything to help keep her cool during her drive would be appreciated.

  3. 2010 Lexus IS250
    I love Dedonna. I’ve used them before on my previous car! Bruce is great!

  4. Just bought a new 08 Mazda 3i 4 door. I want to get the windows tinted so it will not be so hot inside and so the interior does not fade.

  5. I heard yall were the best in town, I want quality service and product
    2006 tc scion

  6. hmmm if i leave more then one comment does it increase my chances, for wining this awesome contest
    2006 tc scion

  7. 09 Dodge Charger with black interior and man its brutal in this heat!

  8. 1983 DeLorean DMC-12. 14,000 mile car with perfect interior. The tint would protect the interior of the car and improve the cooling effects of the air conditioning while driving. Besides, then you can say you have done work on a DeLorean and use pictures to prove it.

  9. Looking for lower interior temps, some privacy from thieves. Had not thought much about it until I saw the flawless jobs you did on the cars in your lot.

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