iPod Integration – Redefining Your Sound System

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If you’d like to bring all of your music and video library on the road with you, your iPod is arguably one of the best options. CD players are unable to hold the amount of music you would like to have at your fingertips (and who likes fumbling for CDs and constantly worrying about scratching or losing them), so what are the options?

The first and cheapest option would be an FM transmitter. The results of these devices vary widely, sometimes audio quality is clear but often your tunes will be plagued by static and interference from more powerful radio signals along with other mobile devices. These transmitters are very easy to install and the price makes your wallet smile, however the listening experience delivered by these devices is anything but “premium”.

The next step up from this is an FM modulator. These provide better performance and quality than a transmitter, but still they lack the ability to control your iPod through your car stereo’s controls. This major drawback is the main reason consumers tend to choose a hard wired iPod Kit.

An iPod Car Kit enables you to have full control over your iPod from your stereo/steering wheel controls, as well as delivering exceptional sound quality. While these kits are a bit more expensive than the alternatives, many would agree that they are worth every penny. These kits connect directly to the rear of your vehicle’s stereo system and act as an emulator, so installation should be done by a professional.

Aside from offering you full control of your iPod via stereo controls and steering wheel controls, these kits also keep your iPod charged so it’s always good to go, fully functional text display on your stereo’s display, and deliver maximum quality audio and video playback directly through your vehicle’s speakers and display. For the more casual user, an FM transmitter would probably do the trick if you aren’t too picky about occasional interference and lower audio quality, but for those who wish to enjoy the iPod’s full potential, an integrated iPod Kit is the best choice.

Check out our iPod Integration page for more information.  You can also watch our videos!

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