How to Clean & Defog Your Windshield

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Let’s face it, if your windshield gets a little too dirty or fogs up it can impair your ability to drive. While dirt and muck accumulates overtime, fog can take over your windshield quickly and unexpectedly. Both problems have very simple solutions. To effectively clean your windshield you will obviously need a glass cleaner. There are many options available to you—household cleaners with ammonia, professional glass cleaner without ammonia (recommended), car wash soap, or even vinegar mixed with water.

You will need to purchase or have a microfiber cloth on hand. Begin with the inside of your vehicle and then move to the outside. Keep your strokes long and consistent. Everyone hates the look of a streaky windshield. It almost defeats the purpose of cleaning it in the first place.
When you use the cleaner, spray it on only one side of the cloth. The alternate side should be used for drying your windshield. As for your windshield wipers, most wipers can be locked in place so you can clean around them.

Now for the abrupt window fogging. When your window begins to fog, your first step should be opening the windows to let in air. More often then not, this will correct your problem.

Next, turn your air fan setting on to its highest level. You should be able to set it to a defogger setting. Make sure the air is warm. This will absorb the moisture. If you keep the warm air on too long your window will most likely fog again. Just a heads up.

Once the warm air has eliminated the fog, slowly reduce the temperature until it matches the air outside. This will allow the windshield to be the same temperature on both sides. Now your problem should be solved.

If your vehicle’s windshield or windows are in need of repair, call DeDona Auto Glass at (336) 851-1380.

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