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Home Window Tint Brings Energy Savings

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Saving money is an important ongoing concern for many families today. We try to save and find the best deals at the pump, in the grocery store, at the mechanic – everywhere. There are energy savings to be had with more efficient HVAC units for your home, but you can even go a step further than that with window tint installation for your home.

Home energy bills are a substantial expense, especially in the summer months when temperatures continually reach 90 to 100 degrees and air conditioners are working overtime to keep the interior cool. By applying premium tint films with high heat rejection to some of the larger windows in the home, your air conditioner won’t have to work anywhere near as hard to keep the space cool and that translates into substantial savings over the years. The best part is that the effect is not delayed or gradual. Once the tint is installed, the energy savings and comfort level in the home increase immediately.

The energy savings from window tint will also carry over into the winter months. Window tint is exception at keeping solar heat out, but also keeping it in when you need it. The same properties that reject outside heat also help retain heat inside during cold weather when the heat is running. Rooms will warm up faster, which means your heating system won’t need to run as long to get the job done.

There are a variety of tint films available for home window tinting. Some provide a darker appear, while others like Ultra-Vision™ from SunTek are barely visible and have low reflectivity from inside and out so your view is not altered.

We’ve covered health benefits on our blog previously, but it’s worth mentioning again that these tint films provide a high degree of protection against the sun’s UV rays, preventing skin exposure and keeping your floors and furnishings from fading over time.

For a more comfortable home with reduced energy costs, professional home window tinting from DeDona Tint & Sound is the solution. Call us today at (336)851-1300 or contact us online for more information about our available tint films and pricing information.

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