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Commercial Window Tinting – Employee and Customer Comfort, Energy Savings, Health Benefits

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The sun has a way of following you wherever you go. When you hop in your car, and take a Sunday afternoon drive, there it is beaming down onto your vehicle. This intense heat leads many people to purchase window tint with high heat rejection to keep the heat at bay. But most people don’t live in their cars, so the protection has to be carried into the house or business, and if your house or business has large windows that receive a lot of sunlight, application of window tint may be in order.

Energy costs
Let’s first consider one of the main universal concerns—your money. Just like a car needs shade or a windshield visor to keep the sun from turning the front seat into an oven, allowing heat to enter a building will have you running up your air conditioning bill. Tinted exterior windows help to maintain a steady temperature, and keep energy costs to a minimum. Operational expenses are a key focus for owners and managers, and this is one way to definitively decrease your cooling costs year after year.

Skin care
People want to assume that only those who lay out and welcome the sun into their skin are the only ones that need to be concerned with skin protection. The fact is the same UV Rays that are waiting outside your door, can be there with you inside the business, especially those with large windows in the case of many retail locations. With tinted windows, everyone inside has a sunscreen which shields them from almost every bit of UV radiation exposure.

Something that’s increasingly important to homes and businesses these days is privacy, a concept increasingly rare in our current culture. Window tinting for business will give you and your employees an added sense of security and privacy, knowing that the eyes of the world aren’t privy to your workplace.

Protect your stuff
The elements can do a lot of damage to our stuff. Valuable items in your business like furniture, artwork, or computer equipment, could get damaged by continual exposure to the sun. Hardwood floors are also a big concern among home owners, as direct sunlight exposure will ruin the floor’s finish over time. No need to redecorate or rearrange the interior according to the sun’s schedule when you can just block out the harmful effects altogether. The grade of tint can always be adjusted to preference, letting in as much, or as little as you’d like. Saving your skin, your stuff, your money, and your privacy are benefits well worth this investment that will last for many years to come when done by professionals like the team at DeDona Tint & Sound.

We have tinted windows for many commercial and government organizations in the Triad, and the feedback is always resoundingly positive. With energy savings, increase comfort and privacy, what’s not to like? Give us a call today at (336) 851-1300 for more information on our commercial window tint applications.

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