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Have you ever begun to merge on the highway, but quickly swerved back over after realizing the lane wasn’t clear after all?
What about carefully backing up your vehicle, only to be startled by the thud of a rear impact?

Most people have experienced frightening moments behind the wheel. Even the most cautious drivers fall victim to blind spot blunders, simply because every vehicle has blind spots. Unfortunately, the most popular cars and trucks on the market have some of the worst. Family vehicles, especially SUVs and minivans, have blind spots that are significantly larger than those of smaller cars. As a result, far too many children and adults are injured each year due to accidents.

The good news is, these accidents are preventable. Here are a few tips to consider next time you get behind the wheel:

  • Pay close attention to traffic patterns in your area. Know when you’ll have to merge and keep a keen eye on other vehicles coming your way.
  • Adjust all mirrors to allow for optimal visibility, especially your rearview mirror.
  • Look over your shoulder before changing lanes. While checking mirrors is always wise, physically turning your head to look behind you might allow you to see something that was not visible in your mirrors.
  • Do everything possible to avoid driving in another driver’s blindspot. Be mindful that larger vehicles have larger blind spots, and remember an important rule of thumb — if you can’t see their mirrors, they cannot see you.
  • Install a blind spot monitoring system, or crash avoidance system, on your vehicle.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, blind spot collisions are becoming less and less common. Blind spot monitoring systems even come standard on new makes and models of many high-end vehicles, but you don’t have to trade your ride to take advantage of this incredible safety feature. By having discrete sensors installed on your current vehicle, you can rest assured that you are doing everything possible to prevent an accident.

Wondering How it Works?
Check out this behind-the-scenes video from DeDona Tint and Sound’s installation facility.

From injuries to high insurance deductibles, it’s not always easy to recover from a blind spot accident. An innovative system and a simple installation are all that stand between you and peace of mind on the roadway.

Discover More About Blind Spot Detection
Interested in installing a blind spot detection system on your vehicle? Located in Greensboro, NC, DeDona Tint and Sound offers advanced safety features for every make and model, as well as expert installation, under one roof. We hope you’ll learn more about why this technology is a worthy investment for any driver.

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