Car Dash Cams

Whenever we get into a car, we take a risk. From multi-car accidents and hit-and-runs to fender benders, driving can be dangerous. Uncontrollable factors like driver error, inclement weather, or malfunctioning equipment can ultimately shape your experience on the road. While you can’t predict events like this, you can prepare your vehicle for a safer, more secure ride with a car dash cam!

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a small yet powerful device installed on your car’s dashboard or front windshield to record footage around your vehicle 24/7. Car dash cams provide a second set of eyes for your vehicle, accurately recording evidence of a car accident or other events that might occur. At DeDona Tint & Sound, our dash cams even have parking mode, providing around-the-clock surveillance of your vehicle.

Dash Cam Benefits Include:

  • Record footage of accidents from fender benders to hit and runs
  • 24/7 surveillance, even when your car is parked and the engine is off, to mitigate break-ins and vandalism
  • Boost security for ride-share drivers and passengers
  • Peace of mind for parents with new drivers

Our Car Dash Cam Products

At DeDona Tint & Sound, we carry Firstech car dash cams. Not only do these products record footage while driving, but they also have parking mode for elevated security, even when you aren’t in your vehicle. In parking mode, your dash cam records videos when triggered by motion or impact sensitivity. In addition, Firstech dash cams have LEDs to deter theft and can record unwanted events that may occur when your car is parked, like break-ins, hit-and-runs, and catalytic converter theft. With Firstech you can rest assured you’ll always have a set of eyes on your vehicle. We carry two models of Firstech dash cams:


Firstech M6

Firstech’s Momento M6 dash camera system connects to your smartphone. This creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to quickly review, edit and share recorded video footage through the Momento app. In addition, this product utilizes a Sony STARVIS Image Sensor for low-light performance and improved backlighting. Within the app, you can even monitor your location, speed, and trip data.


Firstech M7

In 2022, Firstech released the Momento M7. This dash cam records the front, rear, and interior of the vehicle for comprehensive protection and security. It records 2K QHD for clear footage that can easily be viewed on the 2-inch LCD touchscreen. In addition, this camera has “Eco Mode”, employing a radar sensor to detect motion rather than the image sensor, reducing battery consumption by 90%.


Dash Cam Installation at DeDona Tint & Sound

At DeDona Tint & Sound, our experienced team members can help you find the best dash cam for your vehicle and needs. Not only will we equip you with all the information you need to make an informed choice, but we will provide a seamless installation process, elevating your car’s safety in no time. Take control of the uncontrollable on the road with a dash cam for your car!