Car Bluetooth Integration

Custom Bluetooth Integration Services

We offer customized car Bluetooth integration services for a wide range of vehicles and applications. Experience the benefits of having a fully integrated Bluetooth system in your vehicle!



Improve Safety

This feature greatly improves safety while driving due to the hands-free capability and helps you to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than fumbling around with your phone and taking your eyes off the road, losing focus, etc.


Clearer Phone Conversations

Our technicians can integrate Bluetooth with your audio system so you hear the person you are talking with over your speakers. A microphone will be installed near the drivers seat area so that you can talk normally and it will transmit clearly across the airwaves. If your audio system is playing music and a phone call comes in, it will give you a notification to pick up and interrupts the music that is streaming.


Seamless Music Streaming

We offer high quality Alpine and Pioneer systems with built in Bluetooth capabilities that integrate seamlessly. These systems allow you to stream content from your iPod or mp3 player eliminating the need for tangled cords.