Aquapel Glass Cleaner – Ammonia-free and Safe for Tint

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It is not uncommon for car owners to reach for the Windex or a squeegee at a local gas station to clean their windows. While these products may be sufficient (read, mediocre), there are much better performing products available; among these is Aquapel Glass Cleaner, and it’s one of the most effective products we’ve ever used.

No Mess
If you’ve ever used glass cleaner in the spray bottle, it’s likely you’ve also had to deal with the cleaner running quickly down the glass and dripping off, and nobody likes that. Aquapel Glass Cleaner is dispensed as a fast-acting foam that will cling to vertical surfaces and will not run and drip like most other glass cleaning products.

No Annoying Haze or Film
There are more glass cleaning products then we can mention that do not wipe off cleanly and leave an annoying film behind when cleaned away. We are pleased to say Aquapel Glass Cleaner leaves no film whatsoever, leaving your windshield and windows spotless.

Ammonia-free, Tint-safe
Ammonia is a common ingredient in many glass cleaning products, but what those products (or the seller of the product) might not tell you is that ammonia is window tint film’s worst enemy. Using an ammonia-based cleaner on tinted windows will result in peeling, bubbling, and discoloration – essentially ruining your tint film and making it necessary to strip and reapply fresh tint film. Aquapel Glass Cleaner is 100% safe to use on any glass surface, with or without tint. It is also safe to use on acrylics, polycarbonates, and other nonporous surfaces.

Final Verdict
We’ve seen fantastic results from Aquapel’s water-repelling glass treatment, and are equally impressed with their glass cleaner. For the modest price, it is an exceptional product and we recommend it to all of our customers, especially those with tinted windows. We also have a stock of Aquapel Glass Cleaner at our facility, so if you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself, DeDona has got you covered. Visit us at 5212 W. Market St. in Greensboro, or give us a call today at (336) 851-1380.

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