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Advantages of Window Tint for Retail Stores

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Every retail business has to juggle all kinds of expenses, while making sure that both employees and customers are comfortable while in the facility.  Making a working and shopping environment comfortable can take a substantial amount of planning, investment, and research, but sometimes even comparatively small investments can be made that have a positive impact on the workplace across the board – one such investment is the installation of window tint film. Applying tint to the windows of your retail store will protect your indoor environment from the sun, save you money, protect your indoor furnishings, and much more.

Prevent Interior & Product Damage

The sun’s damaging ultraviolet light can harm your furniture, carpets, floors, artwork, and many other interior furnishings. Sunlight exposure will also damage the packaging of your products or even the products themselves. With direct or even partial sunlight, these materials can fade, discolor or crack over time. Window films will block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, and a large portion of solar heat as well. Although curtains are somewhat effective at blocking out sunlight, fully enjoying the natural light is almost impossible and they will not prevent heat from entering through the glass. Since window films protect your interior from UV damage, you’ll save money on future replacements and remodeling in the long run.

Decrease HVAC Energy Costs

Window tint films are a great way to save money. The film reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, saving you money on electricity and fuel. By minimizing heat gain in the summer months, it lowers your use of air conditioning. Additionally, it lowers the loss of your air conditioning. So although window tint installation comes with a fee, your energy savings will compensate you in the end.

Reduce Glare for Additional Comfort

Sunlight nearly eliminates the need for using lights during the day, but too much light can be more than a little annoying. Direct sunlight often creates a glare, making it difficult to work on your computer or watch television. Glare can also be a nuisance to customers who are waiting or shopping. Window tinting helps to significantly reduce this glare, allowing you to work and relax in peace.

Increased Privacy for Customers and Employees

Window tinting prevents outsiders from looking in. They help make your business as private as possible without forgoing much natural sunlight. Darker or more reflective film can be used on windows of businesses that desire a higher degree of privacy.

Improve Exterior Appearance of the Store

Window films can do more than just block sunlight – they have aesthetic purposes as well. There are many different film patterns available today, which can provide a customized look on exterior and interior glass. Films can be reflective, frosted, or opaque for privacy purposes, while still giving the room a unique ambiance. Appearances aren’t everything, but they certainly do make an impression on staff and customers alike.

Window tint for retail business locations will help save money, increase privacy and personal comfort, and prolong the life of your interior furnishings. Your first consideration when choosing a window tinting company should be quality, not price. High-quality tinting will last for many years, even decades, if treated properly. Cheap tint can actually cost more in the long-term because of the need to more frequently replace the film.

For more information on window tinting for retail stores or other facilities like schools, offices, business parks and more including the quality service weprovide, call DeDona Tint & Sound today at (336) 851-1300.

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