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Advantages of Hands-Free Bluetooth Phone

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If you regularly use any kind of smart device like an iPhone, Android phone or tablet, you’re probably familiar with the term “Bluetooth”. Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that allows devices to communicate with each other over short range. The idea behind Bluetooth is that devices you own, regardless of manufacturer, should be able to “talk” to each other for the sake of convenience and safety. Hands-free phone systems are a prime example of how this technology can give you more of both.

Driving Safety
It’s no secret that talking on the phone while driving is distracting, especially if you’ve got the phone nestled in your shoulder. Even holding the phone up to your ear can present a hazard by blocking your peripheral vision and giving your brain one more activity to focus on. If you are more focused on holding your phone, you’re less focused on the road and other drivers around you, and that’s where Bluetooth can help. Many vehicle audio/video systems are equipped with Bluetooth capability and this allows you to ‘pair’ or connect your phone to the Bluetooth-enabled stereo while inside. Once these devices are connected, your interaction with the phone becomes much less distracting.

Easy Configuration
Older Bluetooth-enabled devices occasionally had trouble working with one another, but as fast as technology progresses you can expect that current devices will be a breeze to setup. When you enter your vehicle, your stereo will automatically detect your phone if its Bluetooth feature is enabled. You may be prompted to enter a security code to confirm the connection, but that’s the extent of the process. Easy!

Now that the phone is connected to the stereo via Bluetooth, calls can be placed via voice command instructions as the stereo/phone listen for your input. This is especially useful with some of the latest phones that are always listening for your voice which means no buttons need to be pressed to begin the process of accepting voice commands. Once the call is connected, you’ll hear the person on the other end of the call through your speaker system, and they will hear you through an attached microphone that is installed with the sound system.

You’ll be able to carry on an entire conversation without your hands ever leaving the wheel. No more fumbling to hold the phone as you talk or manually dialing someone’s number – with Bluetooth those distractions are gone. Now, we’ll be the first to say that any conversations while behind the wheel will be distracting on some level, however without the hassle of holding onto your phone, calls become much safer.

Low Power
Since Bluetooth operates on a short range, low-power radio frequency, it only draws minimal power from your phone’s battery and does not otherwise negatively affect its performance. In fact, these devices are smart enough to put the connection in idle when not in use to conserve even more power without the need for you to keep switching things on and off manually.

Ditch the wires
While there are many other ways to fully enjoy Bluetooth technology such as music streaming, Bluetooth was developed to help drivers place and take calls wirelessly and minimize the need for physical input. With the latest phones and stereo systems, you can dial your contacts and take calls without ever touching the phone. In a world of constant distraction, Bluetooth helps clear out the clutter and makes voice calls much easier and safer while on the road.

Whether you are looking for an entry level stereo with Bluetooth, or a premium system including Bluetooth and other fantastic features, DeDona Tint & Sound has the right unit for you, and we’ll even show you how to use the calling features after we install the system.

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