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The Many Benefits of Window Tinting

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Aside from the obvious cosmetic touch of window tinting, many people are unaware of the many practical benefits that come along with it, ranging from personal health and safety to a more private and pleasant driving experience. Here’s a few quick facts to keep in mind as you consider whether window tinting is right for you.

Personal Health

The Sun is constantly unleashing harmful UV rays which can damage your skin, and also are a contributing cause of skin cancer – tinting your windows reduces these damaging UV rays by up to 99%, something your skin will be happy about.

Collision Safety –

In an collision with another vehicle, glass can sometimes shatter causing additional injury to occupants. The tint film can help hold shattered glass together, which helps prevent any further injury in an accident.

Interior Heat

For those without tinted windows, the interior of your vehicle may get quite warm, often so warm it is highly uncomfortable until your air conditioning can cool it down. Properly tinted windows can reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle by 50-60%. On a hot summer day, that can translate into a very big difference.

Fading and Cracking Interior

The upholstery inside your vehicle is just as susceptible to prolonged sun exposure as you are, and over time the heat and UV rays can cause damage, such as cracking, fading colors, and other deterioration. Window tinting helps avoid this by reducing heat and UV exposure inside the vehicle.

Privacy and Visibility

Not only do tinted windows make the view from inside easier on the eyes by reducing glare from incoming vehicles’ headlights, snow glare etc, they also provide an additional layer of privacy when looking in from outside. If a thief can’t see inside and spot something of value, they can’t steal it.

So there you have it, getting your windows tinted not only makes your vehicle look better, but it also comes with a wide range or benefits. Looking for professionals who can do the job right the first time? Look no further than right here at DeDona! We have been specializing in window tinting for over 20 years and we can custom tailor a solution for you at a competitive price. If you’re interesting in finding out more about how window tinting can benefit you and your vehicle, give us a call or stop by our office.

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