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Strobe Light Systems for Vehicle Safety

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Vehicles used by utility companies, emergency responders and other services like towing companies need to be highly visible to other motorists on the road. Emergency vehicles are specifically painted, marked, and equipped with audible and visible warning devices to assist them as they make their way through traffic. While utility vehicles may not operate on the same level of urgency, it is equally important that they be highly visible to drivers to avoid dangerous accidents and collisions.

Flashing lights have been proven to be more effective than steady light signals at attracting the attention of drivers, and it is for this reason we highly recommend equipping your emergency or utility vehicle with an integrated strobe light system.

Light Color Does Matter
Since white light has been shown to be the most visible warning light to the human eye, using strobing white warning lights will make your vehicle highly noticeable while driving or parked. Using yellow or red diminishes the effectiveness of warning lights because they are both less visible and can at first be confused with brake lights or directional signal lights. Of course, some colors like blue are not available for use because they are reserved strictly for police.

Our strobe lights are installed by integrating them into the existing light enclosures, which means no bulky add-ons on the exterior. Get the visibility you require for your utility vehicle today with a strobe light system from DeDona Tint & Sound! Call us at (336) 851-1300 or request more info online.

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