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Side Window Replacement from DeDona Auto Glass

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Damage to side windows is not as common as windshield damage, however sometimes it does happen due to an accident or break-in, and you need a professional who will do the job right with high quality parts and expert installation.

Unlike a windshield which can be easily repaired if the damage is minor, in most cases if your vehicle’s side windows are damage they need to be replaced. At DeDona Auto Glass, we only use glass that is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equivalent which means your new window will be just as safe as the factory glass without the visual distortion that is sometimes seen in cheaper glass.

Side windows are generally made of tempered glass which makes them very tough, but when they finally break they shatter completely into small pieces that go everywhere. Broken windows inevitably leave a big mess behind, so when you bring your vehicle in for window replacement our first step will be to clean away any remaining pieces of glass from the vehicle – this includes broken glass that has fallen behind the interior door panel. Depending on the vehicle, the outer panel may have to be removed to complete the replacement.

With the inner door panel removed, we then install the new window and attach it to the motor/regulator guides that allow you to roll it up and down, and test to ensure everything works smoothly. If you drive a luxury vehicle with acoustic panes or special coatings on the glass, we’ll make sure the new glass is uniform with the rest.

After our technician has verified that your new window is installed properly, we reattach the inner door panel, and at this point the window is good as new and you’re ready to get back on the road in as little as 45 minutes to an hour!

If your side window is broken, give us a call today at (336) 851-1380, or request a quote online through our website!

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