Sun Control Window Film

One of the most common problems that causes homeowners to seek out window film is the sun. 3M Sun Control Window Films provide a comprehensive solution for:

  • Efficiency & Energy Savings

  • Glare Reduction

  • UV Protection

  • Fading of Furniture & Floors

  • Heat Gain & Hot Spots

See Sun Control Film in Action

Watch the video case study below to learn how Chip Foose has used 3M™ Residential Window Film to improve the performance of his windows and the comfort of his home.

Spotlight on Fading

The sun’s light can damage and fade your furniture and floors. Many people think this is caused exclusively by UV rays but that’s only part of the equation. The truth is that the sun’s visible light and infrared heat are also responsible for fading. While 3M residential window film won’t prevent fading entirely, it can significantly reduce it by blocking out 99% of the sun’s UV light and a significant portion of the sun’s visible light and infrared.