Residential Window Film in Greensboro, NC

3M Window Film is designed to address the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of the windows in your home.

How are windows inefficient?

  • They allow in the sun’s heat in the summer which costs you money

  • Windows allow manmade heat (from HVAC) to escape in the winter which costs you money and comfort

  • Excessive light from the sun passes through your windows, causing glare and furniture fade

How are windows vulnerable?

  • They tend to be the weakest point of a home making it easy for unwanted entry

  • When glass breaks it can cause injury to those nearby

Invest in Your Home with 3M Window Film

DeDona Tint & Sound customers count on us to provide the product they need and to make sure the job is done right. One product, manufactured since 1966, can address all the aforementioned issues – 3M Window Film. We are one of the only 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealers in the Greensboro area. With over 20 years of industry expertise, our installation crew is second to none.


Advantages of Residential Window Film

Residential window film will help your home will look great, save you money on utilities, and help protect everyone and everything in your home from UV damage. Below are the top five advantages you should consider.

  • Energy Savings: We get hot summers and cold winters here in North Carolina, so insulating your home and regulating the temperature inside goes a long way toward saving money on heating and AC costs. Window films like our industry-leading 3M products can reduce heat transfer through your windows by a whopping 80%!

  • Greater Comfort: You can save money on your electric bill and long-term wear and tear on your heating and air units, and you and your family can enjoy the comfort by eliminating hot and cold spots in the house.

  • Less Glare: Eye strain from window glare can effect everyone in your home. You’ll keep the view outside your window, but lose the unnecessary glare on your computer, phone, and television screens.

  • Protect What’s Important: UV rays do incredible, irreversible damage to furniture, artwork, and our skin! With properly installed window film, you can block up to 99% of UV rays.

  • Greater Safety: Many homeowners don’t understand that high-quality window films make your house safer, too! In the case of severe weather or an accidental break in the window, properly installed film helps to keep glass fragments contained. It can also slow down or deter would-be criminals from breaking in through a window.

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