July Contest: Win a FREE Windshield!

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Rules for entry:
1.  Post a comment to this thread (email address and full name required).
2.  Enter your vehicle’s year, make and model/type.
3.  Brief reason why you need your windshield replaced (1-2 sentences).
That’s it!
At the end of the month we will pick a random winner who will receive a free windshield!*
Good luck!
*Installation with Dedona Auto Glass is required.  Cost of windshield not to exceed $250.*
*We pick our winners randomly*

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  1. 99 e300td mercedes
    218k miles of mostly highway driving have taken its toll on the glass.

  2. I have had 6 or 7 vehicles tinted from Dedona and have been well beyond happy with all of them! Installation is always fast and 100% correct every time! I have recommended Dedona to family members(who have had vehicles tinted also) and friends.
    I am in need of a new windshield for a Honda Accord that has scratches embedded into the glass from the windshield wipers(from previous owner). It is very difficult to see through the windshield when it is raining, dark and even just on sunny days due to the glare! I really need a new windshield!!!!

  3. I need a new windshield for my 2003 Saturn Vue because it is completely smashed in.

  4. I came to this website to check out the window tinting because I want to tint all the windows on my 1996 Grand Prix. The only thing that is stopping me from doing this is my front windshield. There are a few cracks with one of them being from the top left of my window all the way across the entire glass. So I would say to myself…why tint my windows when people would just see my cracked up front windshield. So this opportunity works out perfectly for me. I can have a new windshield and finally be able to put my tint on all the windows.

  5. I have a ’94 BMW 318 that I bought new and currently has 299,000 miles on it. The car runs great, and I intend to keep it forever but the windshield has two places where cracks are running through it.
    Eventually I’ll get money to get everything done so it looks like new again. The new windshield will be a necessary good start. Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. I have an 03 Infiniti that has a windshield with several chips in it. It also has a big scratch in it from having old windshield wiper blades. Because I am a single mom I really don’t have the money to have it replaced right now. 🙁

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