How to Choose the Right Auto Glass Repair Shop in Greensboro NC

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Your auto glass is smashed, or chipped. Either way it’s a shame. Your visibility is being compromised along with your safety. But choosing the right auto glass repair shop in a city as large as Greensboro can be tough with so many options available, and until your auto glass is damaged, you don’t really know what precisely you need in a repair shop. Whether you choose DeDona Auto Glass or not, your safety is our priority. This blog offers some great advice on choosing the right repair shop for your needs.

We suggest asking the following questions when you call around:

  • Are you accredited by the AGRSS? The AGRSS is the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard established by the American National Standards Institute. If your auto glass repair shop is accredited by the AGRSS, chances are they will adhere to the same professional standards we do and do a great, safe and thorough job with fixing your auto glass.
  • How long before it is safe for you to drive away, once the repair is complete? You want to know this straight up. Most adhesives take between one to three hours to hold, depending on the heat outside. Knowing this will help you plan your repair.
  • What insurances do you work with? In choosing the right auto glass repair shop, you want to know whether the shop works with most insurances; especially yours. Also, ask if the repair shop will work on your behalf with your insurance company to ensure the claim goes through.
  • How long will the repair take? You need this info also in order to coordinate with your schedule. Our service is speedy, excellent and efficient.

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