Commercial Window Tinting Provides Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings

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There are a wide variety of benefits that come with high quality window tinting for businesses and all sorts of commercial properties. With our wide selection of cutting-edge tint films, DeDona Tint & Sound will assist you in finding the best solution for your commercial window tinting needs.

Save on heating and cooling costs

Any commercial property or storefront with larger windows can be very costly to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These days, saving money is very important to business owners and managers across every industry. Having window tint applied to your windows means less spent on heating and air conditioning, putting more money in your pocket.

Employee and customer comfort

We at DeDona Tint & Sound realize the importance of a balanced, comfortable atmosphere for employees, clients, shoppers and guests. The application of commercial window tint drastically reduces UV exposure, heat, temperature variation and glare from your workplace, allowing employees to be more productive and providing a more appealing environment for your customers.

Protect your valuable products and furnishings

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can harm us in many ways; the same principle applies to merchandise, products and furnishings in your workplace. Harmful UV rays and high heat result in fading ad cracking of furniture, products, flooring and other furnishings. Using the right window tint film can reject UV radiation, sparing your investment and extending value.

Beautification and visual appeal

To some extent, most people will develop an opinion of your store or other business based on your facility’s appearance, both on the outside and the inside. Make a great first impression with decorative window films in your workplace. We offer a variety of options and hues that will compliment your structure and deliver a polished, professional look without sacrificing function.

DeDona Tint & Sound has been a trusted name in commercial window and glass tinting applications for years. Our service is always guaranteed to exceed our competition, and we warranty our workmanship 100%. Call us today at (336) 851-1380, or visit our Greensboro, NC location at 5212 W. Market St.

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  1. I have a black ’08 Mazdaspeed3 and I would like a quote on window tinting. I want to go as dark as I can while keeping it legal. Let me know if you need anymore info.

  2. Hi TJ, please fill out our form online by clicking here.
    Thanks, we look forward to serving your needs!

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