Thinsulate Insulating Window Film

Enhance Energy Efficiency of
Commercial Spaces

Windows are usually the most energy inefficient part of a building envelope, allowing in unwanted heat gain and loss. Those temperature imbalances create unhappy tenants and building occupants. We attempt to compensate for these imbalances by running HVAC systems, often 24/7, which leads to excessive energy use and high monthly utility bills.

Signs of Inefficient Windows

  • You or other building occupants are too hot in the summer.

  • You or other building occupants are too cold in the winter.

  • Occupants at the core of the building are cold while occupants at the perimeter are hot (or vice versa).

  • The HVAC system “can’t keep up”.

  • Monthly utility bills are sky-high.

Insulating Window Film Offers a Solution

3M Insulating Window Films rely on Thinsulate technology to decrease the SHGC and U Value of a window. This results in a more comfortable and cost-effective environment. By keeping building temperatures comfortable for occupants, 3M window film products also help to improve worker productivity.