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Choosing the Right Type of Window Tint Film for Your Vehicle

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Window tint films for your vehicle have survived multiple stereotypes and are still growing in popularity.  Not only do these tints protect your vehicle windows  from damage, they also protect you from sun glare and give your vehicle a special, inconspicuous look.  Everyone from parents to professionals appreciate the sun protection window tint film offers passengers (99% protection from UV rays.)  But those who’ve never had window tint film installed before probably aren’t aware multiple options exist.  This article outlines multiple types of window tint film available for your vehicle.

Dyed Films

Dyed films work because dye absorbs heat. Dyed films should not be used on the interior of thermal glass.

Deposited Films

Deposited window films require a fairly inexpensive technology however, only a limited number of metal types can be used to create this film, making it a fairly restrictive product line.

Metallized Films

Metallized window films are complex to make and require over 20 different metal types resulting in a much lighter and thinner coating than alternative window films.  Because of the expense involved in creating metallized films, these cost more than dyed films and are one of the more expensive options on the market.

Hybrid Films

Hybrid films use a dyed film layer and a reflective metallized layer resulting in a slightly light tint with terrific heat rejection and low reflectivity.

Ceramic Films

Ceramic tint films are top-tier, constructed with nanotechnology and offer better heat rejection than even the best metallic film.  Ceramic films are highly durable and strengthen your glass, to the point that glass shattering in a collision is near impossible. Ceramic tint films are also fade resistant and do not crack, bubble or discolor. The only drawback for some customers may be the price.  Because this is the most durable, and high-quality window to film the cost is comparably higher.
Still unsure on which type of film is best for your vehicle?  Well, we’re only a call away. DeDona Tint and Sound has been the area’s premier provider of auto glass tinting services for over 15 years. Call us at (336) 851-1300, or fill out our contact form to request more information.

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