Ceramic Coating

Croftgate Ceramic Coating

You know how important it is to protect the exterior of your vehicle and keep it looking amazing. Your investment in your ride’s finish is something you want to preserve, but you can easily spend a lot of time, energy, and money keeping up that maintenance. DeDona Tint & Sound is glad to announce that we are now an official installer for the Assurance 9H Ceramic Coating from Croftgate. If you’re looking for ceramic coating for cars in Greensboro, NC, or superior car paint protection, we have an incredible option for maintaining your vehicle.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars

Maybe you’ve done some research by now and discovered that ceramic coating can dramatically improve the protection of your car’s finish. Assurance 9H produces a finish on your car that is rated a 9H on the Mohs hardness scale! There are lots of benefits to ceramic coating, including:

- Superior scratch resistance
- Ultraviolet protection
- Chemical resistance
- Hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties

Water beads off of treated finishes and significantly more dirt is repelled. In addition, ceramic coating provides clarity and gloss to your vehicle’s finish to keep it looking great. It also has some amazing durability. Protection after treatment lasts up to three years! When it comes down to it, this specialty treatment from DeDona Tint & Sound will give your car a better finish than your factory clear coat, and it will be much easier to maintain because it stays cleaner, longer.

Ceramic Coating Application Process

Assurance 9H Ceramic Coating from Croftgate can only be applied by approved installers like DeDona Tint & Sound. The installation process won’t take long, so you won’t need to be without your vehicle for a long period of time. The product cures quickly once we have properly prepared the surface of your vehicle and applied it to your car. It is a truly universal application, so it will treat all the surfaces on your vehicle.