Backup Cameras

Improve Vehicle Safety

DeDona Tint & Sound installs backup cameras and sensors for our customer’s vehicles with the primary incentive: improving driver safety.

child riding bike behind car
Commercial customers (delivery drivers, contractors, etc.) find backup cameras and sensors particularly useful for large vehicles and vehicles pulling a trailer. Cameras and sensors assist in trailer hook-up as well as loading and unloading. They also benefit ATV, motorcycle, and boat owners. Loading an ATV, motorcycle, or boat onto a trailer is made easier by ensuring the trailer is lined up properly.

These cameras come with a 3-inch monitor that is installed in your rearview mirror and/or a 4-inch monitor installed in your dashboard. DeDona Tint & Sound uses only the highest quality cameras and backup sensors from industry-leading manufacturers such as Audiovox. After all, if you’re not hitting things while trying to load your weekend toy or daily load, you’re not calling the insurance company, so come on in for a quote!

backup camera for car